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Just a couple of links to mostly Russian-language websites where I participate in FEA holywars post my immensely deep thoughts. There’s a good chance that 99% of my rare visitors come here via my profiles from these sites. – my weblog published in Russian, generally about my work. My posts on this current weblog are usually translations of my posts on – another sidekick weblog about TarpaCAD, an AutoCAD add-on killer add-on (yes, I mean it) under development. Currently temporarily frozen.
Profile on – here reside all our local AutoCAD, design and FEA gurus. It’s the mightiest source of professional expertise of the engineering community on the Russian web.
Profile on – irrelevant political rant, drama and trolling (former forum of [info]Shenderovich, a Russian publicist opinion journalist and writer).
Profile on – if you want to offer me a job or connect with me on LI, you might be interested.

Weekly reading lists (professional and fun stuff) ensue soon.


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September 28, 2009 at 11:19 am

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