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A Blast from the Past

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Attached follows a screenshot of Robot SA 2009 documentation.


The software to which this sheet pertains has been released by Autodesk in 2008 as I remember. Prior to this, Autodesk acquired RoboBAT, the developer of Robot finite element analysis package.
I posted this sheet to illustrate the current state of Robot documentation, which is frozen at a level of maybe v15. Since the acquisition, Autodesk did fairly nothing to improve the accompanying documentation and very little to improve the program itself.
I understand that their primary target is developing BIM technology and liaison with Revit, but this is no excuse to dump those wishing to have more control of the FE analysis process than the BIM allows.

Also, Autodesk charges four-digit numbers for the right to use Robot SA with documentation coming from pre-Windows 2000 era.

PS. Thus ends the Autodesk Rant Series.


Written by Alexander Bausk

October 6, 2009 at 8:43 am

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