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CAD outsourcing: different companies, same work

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In my search of ideas on how to present engineering portfolios, I frequently come upon random sites that claim they can do your CAD work. Most of them come from India, obviously, proving once again that our very own East Europe here is basically a black hole on the globalized world’s economic maps.

Now the funny thing is that these sweatshops pretend to be able to do 3D drafting work, samples of which are presented in their portfolios. Like these two.

Yep, portfolios. Two perfectly identical sets of images on the sites of seemingly non-related companies. Do they really think their clients are morons with five seconds visual memory span, unable to do basic search, filtering and comparison?

I think these ‘companies’ are tarred with the same brush as any other type of web fraud. I’d rather choose to leave this kind of work for real in-house engineers and designers and leave the outsources with writing their lousy .NET code.


Written by Alexander Bausk

June 21, 2011 at 9:21 pm

Posted in CAD

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